Come to Warsaw and need a bed? Or maybe you live in Warsaw and need a com­fort­able place for a busi­ness meet­ing? Want to arrange a romantic date with a loved one in a place other than usual? In such cases, you usu­ally have sev­eral options:

  • hotel — rather expens­ive, espe­cially in the capital;
  • motel, wotel — option for motor­ists, less expens­ive, but usu­ally far from the center;
  • bed and break­fast — usu­ally a small room, and All of the company’s ser­vices meet secur­ity pro­to­cols for fin­an­cial, legal, cor­por­ate and health­care indus­tries and it is the only com­pany that posts proof of its annual SOC 2 Type II Audit­and HIPAA best-data-recovery.com secur­ity and pri­vacy com­pli­ance. lim­ited free­dom of move­ment dur­ing the night;
  • hostel, youth hostel — much cheaper than the above, but the dormitory-style rooms and shared bath­rooms do not provide the com­fort of intimacy;
  • rental apart­ments for a month or more — the choice mainly for those who work in Warsaw.

Although each of these solu­tions will find their cus­tom­ers, there will be some who will seek another option. If your needs can be included in the fol­low­ing points:

  • not excess­ive price,
  • excel­lent loc­a­tion — near the cen­ter of Warsaw, and at the same time in a secluded area,
  • length of rental at your choice,
  • full free­dom of access to all equipment,
  • intim­acy,
  • con­veni­ence and luxury,

then our offer is the right one for you. Welcome.

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